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800 Town and Country Blvd
Houston,TX 77024

 For my Cultural report i decided to go to Ra Sushi. Ive heard about this place for a while now and never made time to check it out. I did a bit of research on it and discovered that it was in my price range. I was very nervous about the whole sushi thing but when i got there there was never a dull moment. The music was pumping, the mood was upbeat and the atmosphere was as stimulating as a big bite of wasabi.
 I asked my waiter what was popular and what would she recommend. She told me they had the best sushi the ocean had to offer as well as a full menu of Pacific-Rim dishes to satisfy any taste.
 I decided to to try the Las Vegas Roll. It was weird looking!!! I could see that it was made with uncooked rice, shrimp, avocado and cream cheese. I didnt really smell anything though. It had an aquiring taste but it ended up being amazingly different (in a good way).

I had a fun experience and im glad i tried it.