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Culture Report 3....THE HOUSTON TAKE OVER!!

I have to explore my city, Houston, MORE! That is what I said repeatedly as I seen something new and different at almost every corner and street as I was on my random adventure with my classmate Flavia. We decided since it was a beautiful day we would adventure out and explore Houston. We seen tones of unexpected art. Here is a couple of them. We seen these all long Montrose street.

"The painful step you should not skip" was in front of a building that had steps and the those words were painted in front of the steps.
 The picture with the colorful art was in the middle of the street. It was so beautifully random.

As we continued on our journey we happened to pass the "Waffle Bus". The Waffle Bus is known for waffles on wheels, so I thought it be cool to take a picture of the bus. The Waffle Bus was also on Montrose.
After leaving the Waffle Bus. We made a left and keep driving. We came a cross this cool looking bridged. So we made a quick You-eee and snapped a …

Culture Report 2...Glenwood Cemetery

For my second culture report I went to the Glenwood Cemetery. It was a beautiful day to have this experience. The weather was in the 70's. A few days before it was in the 40's, so I figured it was a perfect day to check it out.
It wasn't hard finding the cemetery. Map quest to me right to it. When i arrived, I was feeling a little rebelish so I avoided the security guy and didn't think about asking him for a map of the lay out. I didn't have a lay out so I wandered Glenwood with a shocking/amazement feeling. I had no idea that this type of cemetery existed in Houston, I had only seen it in movies and shows like The Vampire Diaries.
Here are a few photos from that day