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I had no idea Houston had a Winery/Vineyard!!!! This weekend I joined my friend Kristen and met a group of others on a photo shoot at HAAK WINERY. They decorated tables with flowers, fruits ,and other decorum. It was cool seeing all these artist come together for this project. It was my first time at a winery/vineyard and I can truly say I am impressed. NOW I WANT A VINEYARD IN MY BACK YARD!! The scenery was beautiful and relaxing. I plan on going back in the near future. Here are a few behind the scene photos. Check out  to the see the full project.

Down House Review

Tuesday afternoon was a beautiful day so what better way to enjoy the day than explore Houston with great friends. I caught up with good friends Kristen and D and went on a random adventure. Its always refreshing to hang with these two love birds :). Being the adventurist we are, we decided to eat at this place called Down House. (sorry, I didn't take a pic of the food, I tend to get excited sometimes about eating and this was one of those times) I ordered a Salad though. It was pretty tasty.
With the weather being in the 70's, Our next stop was the park! Sun is shining weather is sweet and I’m feeling a lot like a free spirited adventurist.  I must say it was BEAUTIFUL and I was really impressed with the view. It was great to see the green trees and hear the nature sounds. The view honestly was breath taking. Very therapeutic and relaxing.


This has been a long and hard winter for so many of us and I'm sure we are all ready for SPRING. I know I am and I'm definitely not waiting for the calendar to start wearing my shorts.

21 Days Challenge

Summer is around the corner!!! That means short shorts, short tops and whole bunch of nakedness!! :) oh and  that means my birthday coming too! (yep, im a summer baby. June 5). I've decided to challenge myself to a 21 day challenge of working out for at least an hour. Hopefully this will encourage me to continue on and give me the motivation to be consistent.

Adrenaline Junkie

(This post is a little late but I still want to share.)

12/19/2013 I decided to Just Do It. I got in my blue 1993 Buick La Sabre and drove 2 hours to Sealy,Tx. There I did the unthinkable. I JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!!!. Okay, I know you're wondering WHY I did it!?! I did it because I wanted to end 2013 with a bang. I worked my but off all of 2013 and didn't really have any me time, so this was my gift to ME. I wanted to feel alive. Having a schedule that only consisted of work and school made me feel like I was missing out on excitement and adventure. So i did it!
I had a hundred thoughts running through my mind during the jump. One of them was "WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!" And sitting in the open door of an airplane and looking down puts you in a unique state of arousal. It was terrifying to look down and see nothing but my dangling tennis shoe between me and the ground. It was a little overwhelming. But…

NOLA "Mardi Gras 2014"

 With Midterms and more hard work a head of me, I felt I needed to take advantage of my weekend because I knew I wasn't going to have a Spring Break. I took a quick road trip to New Orleans Louisiana. My sister and cousins never been to New Orleans nor Mardi Gras so I thought it would be a great opportunity for them to have the Mardi Gras experience. The trip was absolutely incredible. It was time away from work & school and that's exactly what I needed. Here's a few pictures from our trip. :)