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"Life doesn't begin after the obstacles, Life is the obstacle"

Learning to pick yourself up after going through shit is such an important thing no one ever teaches you..stay positive folks


Aww snap!!  Guess who's joining the 30/30 club!!  Thats right! ya girl is turning 30. 

In just a couple of weeks ill be turning 30!!! (let the balloons and confetti drop, its a celebration!..NOT) Ha! as you can tell im very excited (insert eye rolling emoji here) There's just something about the number turning from 2 to 3 that gets me anxious. I mean, i could be doing 100 other things instead of turning 30!!.... okay okay i know im being a little dramatic. Its just ive drowned myself in all these expectations for myself. And i aint gonna lie. I cried every time i thought about my birthday for like 3 weeks straight. IM SUPPOSED TO BE LIVING LIFE LIKE A KANYE WEST VIDEO!! #TheGoodLife!! im supposed to be modeling for the most popular plus size agency. And flying on jets all over the world!! BUT i got some good advice after having a heartfelt conversation with my mom. She told me to "enjoy the moments because you will never get them back and to continue to surround myself wi…