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That one time Thailand gave me the time of MY LIFE!!

WHERE DO I BEGIN?!!!   I guess we can start with, I made it to 30!!! June 5, 2017 i joined the 30/30 club. I somehow instantly became mature with a Chang beer in my hand playing beer pong 😊. Reaching 30 is a big deal to me. I mean, im still positive and love life; despite the trials and tribulations that was presented and I'm proud of that.  At times I struggle with acknowledging and appreciating my accomplishments. But Ive made strides in my job/career and with my inner self. And im really happy with that too. To celebrate i decided to bring in the new chapter of my life in THAILAND "Land of the Free". I like to think of myself as a free spirit anyway.     Being a first time solo traveler out of the country i had no idea what to expect on the other side the world. Its so hard to put into words the experience i had in Thailand. But i can say i remember taking it all in on my first day with tears in my eyes and my hand over my mouth in disbelief because i was actually in…