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Theres something about getting off of a plane and emerging into a place where every other person looks like you. You feel like the world is YOURS! There's a sense of entitlement, power and privilege you feel to be among people like you. Being around family that has culture embedded in them and to learn so much from MY PEOPLE was such an incredible experience.  I can still see their smiles and feel their heartfelt hugs. I can still taste the plantains and jerk chicken we ate for dinner.  I can still feel the powdered texture white sand between my toes. I can still taste the salt from the beach at Meads Bay. I can hear the waves rushing to shore in the dark night. I can still see the sunset with its beautiful red to orange dreamy color. That big ear to ear smile my dad put on his face when he heard calypso from his favorite band. My sister winding to calypso music and my mom sunbathing on the beach are memories that will last a lifetime. Check out a few pictures of my ANGUILLA exper…