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Faith it Til ya Make it

Its the end of the year and i have completed a full year in my 30's. Let me tell you, it still feels like i have know idea of what I'm doing with life!! But its cool. Because somehow, i found myself in a amazing space that God has guided me to. I'm still working on myself. Spiritually, mentally and physically to be that women i aspire to be. I can see her enjoying every aspect of life and living her best life. But for now its a journey and i have to remember to not be so hard on myself and be patient. (whatever patient is). Im just grateful im not alone. I know a lot of us are all just winging it and praying everything goes well. But to me that's really beautiful, frustrating, but beautiful. My family and friends are my strength and i would trade them for world. :)  They are my back bone...anyway, Be easy folks...We got This!!