Today, I went to Starbucks to do some much-needed work and all of a sudden my mind wandered to the thought of my good friend Raye who had just passed away a couple of weeks ago; I could feel her spirit.  It was calm, relaxing and happy. Just like one of the days I saw her there in her element, she had a big ole smile on her face and said, " HEEEEY SHELL!", then she embraced me with the warmest hug. When I felt the presence of  Raye's spirit today, I was rereading an article from The New York Times called, "How to Maintain Friendships." Since her death, I realized the importance of friendships and wanted to reach out to old friends and reconnect with them. As I was reading the article, I noticed the suggestions that were given, were all tools Raye used to stay in touch with me. I thought, "Wow, this is why I felt she was a good friend and even though we didn't communicate every day, I felt connected with her. One of the suggestions  the article gave that stood out to me was to come through when it counts, Raye did that and more. For example, the day I had a major surgery done on my knee, Raye came by to visit and brought me DVDs, snacks and a cute little card wishing me well. :) (Just thinking about that makes my heart smile.)  It really hurts to know I lost someone who genuinely cared about me. I'm grateful for all of the memories, laughter, and fun we shared. I enjoyed every moment that I was blessed with her. She was dope. She always expressed positive vibes and good energy. I'm missing her so much already. It's hard to say goodbye to a good soul, so instead I will say see you later Raye. 

A little context about these photos- Raye wanted me to help promote her t-shirt line so she hired me to be her photographer. That day we had such a good time driving around looking for locations to shoot. At the end of the photoshoot Raye put me on to this seafood restaurant called Lotus Seafood ( we are both foodies ). I ordered the Loud Pack, it was delicious. We were so happy after we ate lol
we both were like, Yeah that hit the spot lol.


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