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Ready or Not

This is me jumping. Not out of a perfectly good airplane. Not into the ocean without a life jacket. This is me. Jumping into something that Im passionate about. Rich Scents. Despite my fear, Im here putting myself out there. Vulnerably. Taking this risk and having faith that there is nothing but bliss on the other side of this fear. Im looking forward to pouring myself into this endeavor. This is what life is, right?  Lately, I find myself constantly thinking about what my purpose is, i can confidently say I feel this it. And it feels wonderful. Follow @Rich_Scents on Instagram. :)

What If

What if I decided to start living a healthier life style? Aahhh, what If I decided to compete in a fitness competition. What would that look like? What If, I challenged myself for one year to eat healthy, exercise daily, watch my macros, and count my calories?
What if I started to create more? Like, What If I fearlessly started Rich Scents. I mean, I go all in and create a whole system & process to make Rich Scents my business.
What if I explored all the places I’ve wanted to travel to? Africa, Canada, Croatia. What if I did the research, saved the money, and made it happen?
What if I started manifesting my life partner? Someone who is honest, patient, kind, respectful, loyal. You know, someone who shows me he is worthy of my love. Who is also a reflection of me and loves life.
What do I have to lose? I deserve it, right? I have so many dreams and I need to start acting like im going after them. I’m my own boss for my life and lately I’ve really been a really bad boss and I wo…

Acknowledging my Aggressions and Facing them

I go through my day in a bubble trying to stay optimistic and positive and always trying to look on the bright side on a daily basis.
However, that’s not really a good thing because it causes me to avoid any kind of conflict. Which is not practical or realistic.
I always want to go along to get along, to ya know, keep the peace and what not. Even if I DONT like XYZ. So YEAH basically, I be cold face lying! (in defense, I thought I was challenging myself by doing things I didn’t want to do) but that’s not cute or it is it a way to live.
So yeah im just over here working on my aggressions and facing them.