What If

What if I decided to start living a healthier life style? Aahhh, what If I decided to compete in a fitness competition. What would that look like? What If, I challenged myself for one year to eat healthy, exercise daily, watch my macros, and count my calories?

What if I started to create more?  Like, What If I fearlessly started Rich Scents. I mean, I go all in and create a whole system & process to make Rich Scents my business.

What if I explored all the places I’ve wanted to travel to? Africa, Canada, Croatia. What if I did the research, saved the money, and made it happen?

What if I started manifesting my life partner? Someone who is honest, patient, kind, respectful, loyal. You know, someone who shows me he is worthy of my love. Who is also a reflection of me and loves life.

What do I have to lose? I deserve it, right?  I have so many dreams and I need to start acting like im going after them. I’m my own boss for my life and lately I’ve really been a really bad boss and I would have quit if I was working for me. In 2020 im trying to come with that high energy on a consistent basis with a completely different mindset. Soooo…. What If?


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