It feels awesome to be inspired again. I haven’t felt this way in a while, I forgot what it felt like. I missed having the creativity to allow my visions to develop. I took it for granted. My peace, happiness, solitude, you know, all those things most people pray to have. I had it and didn’t value it until I lost it. In the midst of not valuing those gifts, I lost myself; the best parts of me, the parts that made me feel great. My drive, passion, discipline, confidence; all was fading away as if these qualities never existed. I’ve grown though. I have grown in ways I never thought I needed to, which allowed me to evolve into this new version of Richelle that I am even more proud to be.  I believe taking time to sit in gratitude and stop the negative self-talk was the road map to get me here. In addition, acknowledging that the devil will continue to try to disturb my peace helped heightened my awareness. I understand that im creating my legacy every day by the choices I make.  Therefore, by choosing positivity is the key. Learning techniques from my therapist have been such a blessing. So shout out to him! I can see my future self-smiling at me already. Everything is connected to the woman I am striding to be.


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